Getting Away From Paris

Living abroad is a stimulating and enjoyable experience; everything seems new and exciting at first. But once you've been in a city like Paris for quite a while, no matter how alluring its sights, you'll find yourself needing a break from the city life. This is true for people who live in urban areas worldwide; the need to escape for a bit of rural tranquility is universal.

Naturally being a capital city of Continental Europe, transport links are superb, go getting away from Paris is easy. It boasts no less than three airports: the main hub, Charles de Gaulle, the older but smaller Orly, and Beauvais. Additionally, the Eurostar can whisk you into London in just over two hours, or alternatively EC or ICE trains link you with greater Europe, feeding you into Germany, Switzerland, or down into Spain.

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Named after France's legendary wartime leader, CDG became Paris' main airport hub in the years after its official opening in 1974. Some 15 miles to the North East of Paris, it's accessible via regular RER train from central Paris; allow at least 45 minutes for the journey from the centre. The airport has a reputation for being poorly designed, and this, coupled with it being second to only London's Heathrow in the business stakes, means you should allow plenty of time to check in and find your gate.

CDG is your best bet for international destinations; it serves places as far flung and exotic as Mexico City, Seoul, Hong Kong, Doha, Santiago de Chile and Delhi.

Paris Orly Airport

Once Paris' main airport, Orly, south of the capital, was demoted in the 70s and 80s to playing second fiddle to Charles de Gaulle. In the last 15 years or so, however, Orly has seen a rebirth as a base for European carriers. It also remains the busiest airport for domestic traffic. Easyjet are the best-known UK European carrier to operate out of Orly, flying to Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary.

Beauvais Airport

North of the city, Beauvais is best known as the French hub for Ryanair and the budget airline flies to scores of European destinations.

So there are no excuses - put down that croissant and get booking your getaway!